VIP+ Rank

17.99 USD

Be A Supporter For Absolute Survival 

This Rank Includes -

Commands - 

- /Fly [Be Able to Fly On Survival Server]

/Feed [No More Farming, Start healing with Feed Command]

/tp [Teleport Instantly to Any Player Without having to wait or approval]

/ec [Your Personal Enderchest always with you]

- /nick [Change Your name and color of the name to your liking]

- /condense [quicky condense the items you have to blocks with a simple command]

- /Skins [Use any skin you like to show off your prowess in game]

- /Craft [Your Own personal virtual crafting table, anywhere, anytime]

-/Loom [Your Own personal virtual Loom, anywhere, anytime]

- /Anvil [Your Own personal virtual Anvil, anywhere, anytime]

Perks - 

- Get [VIP+] Rank in Game.
- Get Special Donator Service From Staff
- Special Suggestion Consideration
- Donator Rewards access
- 8 Set Homes

- Specially Enchanted Diamond Sword

- 7 Setwarps at discounted price

- $200,000 In-Game Cash

- 4500 Claim Blocks

- Fast track access to the upcoming game modes

- Discord Rank and Chat Color, Special emotes, etc.*